Saturday, May 16, 2015

Swap, Share, Give- Tutors on TPT Blog Hop

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been working with a few other TeachersPayTeachers authors who are also tutors. We've swapped resources and used them with our own students, I am happy to say that I get to share with you a helpful little resource, from Catia Dias. If you haven't checkout her shop before, click her logo below to see some of the fantastic resources she offers.

The resources I chose, was her Place Value Bell Ringers

These have an obvious application in the classroom, but I wondered how a tutor could use them. As I thought of one of my students I soon realized a quick and easy way to use these short and simple worksheets to get their minds engaged right away! I think other teachers might find this adaptation helpful as well. 


I cut apart the pages into three strips, this particular student is very easily overwhelmed, so I usually use a task card-like system rather than worksheets. He easily found where all of the values belonged without a lot of reminding. Then I added the review of partial products.

This wasn't our initial instruction on partial products. The week prior was his first experience with this concept of multi-digit multiplication in school. He was so flustered with his homework and lack of understanding that it was difficult to help him make sense of it.  Using these short and simple place value practices to get his mind engaged, thinking about the value of each digit, really helped the concept of partial products to find its way into his working memory!

I have another younger student, she's just starting to add to multiples of ten, who I think will benefit from these as well. I'll be working with her next week, and I can't wait to see how her session goes!

These images above show the slips from Catia's resource in a personal wipe-off board I use with all of my students. (sorry for the glare, I haven't found that "right angle" to avoid it!) You can find out how to make your own wipe off boards HERE

Catia Has been reviewing my Simplifying Fractions & Improper Fractions Anchor Charts w/Quick Worksheets If you'd like a sneak peek at those anchor charts, just click the image below to get a free copy!

And here are the other tutor-authors who participated in this swap, check out their swaps, and grab their freebies!


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