Wednesday, January 8, 2014

DIY: Personal Wipe-Off Boards

I have to start by saying I can't take credit for this. I saw it on another blog some time ago. But I really have to share it, because of how helpful these have been!
So, basically, I just bought a pack of 20 large picture protector pages from our local dollar store. I bought the fun duct tape, we have about 4 in different colors and patterns.

Then, I cut the tape to fit the ends, fold it over, slide my finger across, and viola!

 I like to put two different colors of card-stock on the inside. This way I can change it up, and its almost like a new "screen" to look at for my students.

 I use card-stock because it makes them a little more durable.

 I also make a variation which I don't seal up all edges, I leave the larger side open. This allows me to put mastery sheets inside for students to work on, and I don't have to keep copying them off for every session! What a huge time and money saver that has been!


  1. These are great! Used them tonight. I use a lot of muscle memory with my students so its easy to write a definition three times, and then you can just wipe it away! It's genius!


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