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Peanut is my nine-year old daughter who LOVES reading and sharing her thoughts with others. As a homeschooler, she has the opportunity to explore her interests in meaningful ways. This is one of the many adventures Peanut has decided to embark upon, and I want to thank you all for joining us on the journey!

Peanut is currently reading at about a fifth grade level, but she still enjoys the stories written for the younger crowd, and she's starting to get into the "older kids" books now as well. On this page you will find her thoughts about the books she's reading. Comments are enabled so you can share your thoughts on the books, suggest new books, or commend her efforts. 

First up

A brand new book by an up-and-coming author, "Ziggie Tales" by Kathleen M. Wainwright. This book is not even officially released yet, and Peanut has devoured its contents in less than 3 days. Ms. Wainwright will be starting a virtual book tour in a couple of weeks and asked us to be a part of it. Watch on the main page for an announcement and a giveaway!

Now, here's Peanut:

You should read this book because it’s funny. Kathleen M. Wainwright speaks our language she does not make books hard to read. 

Marley is a quirky girl. Layla is Marley’s best friend, and she was right by Marley reminding her not to make wrong choices. I like the book a lot and I found my new favorite author. When I read Ziggie tales my mouth opened and I started reading out loud, I felt like I was in the book! I liked Marley because she likes bright colors just like me.

Second Book

Peanut decided to read a book that was suggested by one of her readers! Clementine is the first book in a series by Sara Pennypacker. Here's a link to the Official Clementine website if you'd like to see more about this series Sara Pennypacker.

Now, here's Peanut:

Hi again.CLEMENTINE was really cool, but in some spots it’s sort of weird. When you read it you will like it, at least I liked it. SARA PENNYPACKER is a good writer.
The principal’s name in the book is Principal Rice; I thought it was a funny name that’s why I put it on here. Clementine’s school mates name is Margaret. Clementine is in 3rd grade but Margaret is in 4th grade. Margaret is a bully to Clementine, Clementine is sad because she does not know how to handle it.

Third Book

Peanut didn't choose this next book, exactly. She and her brother had to read The Secret Garden for school. The funny thing about a budding author/literature aficionado is they aren't always as keen on the reading/writing/reviewing process when they HAVE to do it ;) If you'd like to listen to the dramatic readings, check out this page 

Now, here's Peanut:

Hi everyone I read The Secret Garden and some of the wording was hard to understand because it is Yorkshire. But we got a thing to read to us and it made it much more easier to understand it. I had a good time reading it and I hope you have a chance to check out that book and have fun reading it too.  A girl named Mary is the main person; she was not that fun at the beginning. Later on she wanted to come out of her room and go outside. She made new friends and just had fun. I hope you enjoy this book.


  1. Hi Peanut!,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this new author and her book, I will be watching for them. How cool to get to be one of the first people to read a brand new book! From you description I think you might like "Clementine" by Sara Pennypacker. I've only read the first book, but I believe there are four books in the series. Looking forward to seeing what other books you are reading that may be new to me. :) Rhonda

  2. Hi Peanut, I love this new adventure you are on and look forward to reading more of your reviews! I noticed the connections you made with the book. I will be watching for this book to be released so I can recommend it to some of my students! Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Hi Peanut! Blogging is so much fun, and it's a great way to share and receive book ideas. I am so glad to hear about the Ziggie tales, and as soon as I finish this comment, I'm going to go check them out! My fourth graders are very into the Mallory books right now, and in fifth grade, Diary of the Wimpy Kid and Dork Diaries are popular. Our librarian just purchased a series by Nikki Grimes, and my fourth grade girls were very excited to check them out! I'll let you know if they like them. Great job on your review!
    Carla at Comprehension Connection

  4. Dear Peanut!
    Good for you for being brave enough to start a blog at your young age! I didn't have the courage until I was 52! I have always loved books, just like you! Some favorites were the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, Pippi Longstocking, Mrs. Piggle Wiggle, and Harriet the Spy! All of the characters were very spunky and "quirky."

    Keep reading, writing, sharing your story, and holding a song in your heart!


  5. Hi Peanut! I am so very happy that you enjoyed Ziggie Tales!! Thank you so much for sharing my thoughts on your new blog. I think it is awesome that you love to read, write and BLOG : ) Keep up the fantastic work! I appreciate your kind words!
    -Kathleen Wainwright

  6. Hi Peanut! Congratulations on your new blog! I think you will do well with it! Your G-ma is proud of you and honored to be your Grandma! Keep up the good work! But, make sure to keep it fun! :)


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