Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's the Story behind the Logo?

I saw this linky and just had to join in. What perfect timing, since my logo has recently changed!

To really understand the story behind this logo, I have to tell the story backward. I have a 15 year old daughter who has an entrepreneurial spirit and artistic skills. I've been trying to encourage her to develop her skills of digital art so she can start making some money now while she's young, develop a fan base, and have a ready-made business when she needs it to support her.

LunaBear Designs is in its infant stages, and most of her work is done on a by-request-basis from creator friends of mine, or me. This logo is her first venture into marketing art. I am not to keen on the cartoonish people as logo images, I think its a little weird to see a cartoon of myself. So as she was making this, while yes she had several photos of me, I had a completely different idea of what I wanted the "cartoon me" to look like. Big eyes like the Anime characters, fluffy braided hair like the Disney Princesses, and a thin, but "rumply" shape unlike the rounded unpleasantly plump reality.

This is how this image came about, but it is not the whole story. Before condescending to an avatar image, I had hopes of a fun loving animal character. The one LunaBear designed for me was cute, but didn't fit.
Cute? Yes, to me anyway. But it didn't fit. I love the fox/wolf version of Miss Stefany. She only became a wolf, when my darling budding artist forgot the poor foxes tail...and when her crazy momma wanted a black fox instead of a red one! Why did it have to be black? Because I had already picked out the colors for my logo and blog design, and the red of a fox just wouldn't do. Wolf Miss Stefany may still appear in some younger resources I create. 

That is about it, unless you want to hear the story behind the change in my store/blog name. I think I'll save that for another time!

Want to know the story behind more logos? Hop on over to Jenny K's blog for the link up!


  1. I wish your daughter all the best--what a great mom to support her and encourage her the way you are! Thank you for linking up!


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