Saturday, May 24, 2014

10 Things I want to do This Summer

A lot of my teachers friends are looking forward to their summers right now. They are all talking about their big plans, and enjoying time. It doesn't quite work that way for tutors though. But I decided to jump in on the conversation anyway. I mean, even though I'll still be working, there's a lot to look forward to! So, inspired by Deanna Jump from Mrs.Jumpsclass, here are the 10 things I want to do, or rather, I'm looking forward to, this summer. 

1. Last summer was CRAZY with all the extra tutoring hours I picked up, so I neglected my fam....I definitely HAVE to carve out the necessary time to spend QUALITY time with them this year!

2. My hubby bought me a beautiful red bike a couple years ago, and I rode it like crazy the first, last year I slacked off (what with all those extra tutoring hours I picked up), so this year, I want to get out on the trails a lot more often. I have great friends to ride with, and they've built some lovely new trails around my area to explore!

3. A few of my TPT buddies live sort of close, so we are planning a meet up this summer. Really excited to meet these wonderful ladies in person!

4. Hopefully I have a few kids sign up for my summer enrichment classes, because I'm looking forward to establishing my face and name with tutoring around here!

5. Hubs got a new job working at a camp ground. It's been too long since my family has gone camping. (Partially since mom doesn't really like to camp) But the kiddos love it so much, and with Dad working right there, he doesn't even need to take time off! 

6. We did not spend enough time in the water last year, and we live SURROUNDED by water, there's no excuse! This year, I'm looking forward to falling asleep on the beach while my kiddos and their gma play in the sun!

7. My 15 year old just bought herself a Bamboo Tablet. She's a fantastic artists and is going to create custom clip art for my teaching projects over the summer. I'm looking forward to setting up an Etsy shop for her and helping her market her talent!

8. It has been a long cold winter. I'm looking forward to shorts and t-shirts. 

9. There is a slight possibility my family will be relocating, so I'm looking forward to going through everyone's closets, the basement, the entire house and downsizing. I say looking forward to this, but I really mean dreading it! I hate purging...I always have, even though I know its necessary, its just SO MUCH WORK!! 

10. With that last one there, I'm looking forward to finding all the lost treasures under beds, behind bookshelves and buried deep in the closets..Maybe I'll finally find the missing shoe to my favorite pair!?

What about you? What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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